Tennis Lessons

Offered in Mississauga, Oakville, Toronto and GTA

Not getting that kick on that second serve? Looking to improve your backhand? Or looking to improve in general?

You’ve come to the right place. We offer SUPERIOR quality tennis lessons for all kinds of levels and ages. Tennis lessons are offered in private or semi-private format. We make it fun, affordable and convenient. Whether you’re looking to go from 5.0 to 6.0 or looking to climb your club ladder, we can help. Our approach is radically different than what’s out there for tennis instructions. It is a game changer. Serious improvement is in sight! Emphasis is placed on understanding your game and development of major game components including:

  • Technical – forehand and backhand, Serve, Return, Volley, Smash, drop-shot and everything else!
  • Tactics and strategy – match play situation in singles or doubles
  • Psychological – getting psyched out by your opponent’s antics? No worry.
  • Fitness and footwork – Unit turn, drop-in steps, one-foot pivot and much more!

Missing a lot on that backhand? No problem.
Confused about that semi-western grip? No problem.
No getting pop on that serve? No problem.

We will provide a personalized approach for all kinds of players and learners. A goal setting plan along with action plan is laid out to reach the next level. You’re not only will be motivated, but you will master all aspects of the game to win.

In addition to private instruction we also offer Stroke Video analysis. This is outstanding tool if you’re looking to see your own performance and get a professional analysis. We’re here to bring your game to the next level. Let’s begin.